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Jazz band Les Mercenaires de L’Amour Fou to play during Eco Summer Camp 2022

6 July 2022 | Stories

We’d love to announce that during the Eco Summer Camp 2022, on 26 August, we’ll host a jazz band Les Mercenaires de L’Amour Fou, which will perform to our participants!

Les Mercenaires de L’Amour Fou (“The Mercenaries of Mad Love”) are a crafty live jazz band. Very much in demand as individual performers, you can meet us in a wide variety of formations, ranging from a big band formation to making art and literature into music. As a trio, we, Martin Medimorec (mallets), Christian Bucher (drums) and I (base) have found each other years ago to form our own style without realising it, venturing into free rhythms, melodies and harmonies carried by the spirit of the blues, sometimes wild and cheeky, sometimes sweet and demanding. We give our songs titles like “Les bisquits oubliés”, “Chueli luege” or “The Goodness She Feels”. The titles playfully seduce the audience into the music that we three musketeers, who play each song only once, create.

We specialise in live music, preferably in special places (e.g. workshops and industrial plants) in front of special audiences ranging from asylum seekers (Durchgangszentrum Oerlikon) to members of the C.G. Jung Institute. But we have also performed in magnificent places such as the Café Odéon or the Villa Honegg in Nidwalden and the Hotel Bellevue Terminus in Engelberg.